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It's for sale, My life, all of it. Well actually just a lot of my interesting stuff. I will be listing it on EBay and featuring some of it on here for you to purchase.

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The Sock Collection auction started August 8th 2005

How many of you have lost a sock? It could have been your favorite sock, a smelly old sport sock or a high priced dress sock. I have lost a bunch of socks over the past 10 years, but I have had hope that I might be reunited with the lost socks so I have a ten year old collection of single socks, two complete laundry baskets full. Colored sock and white socks.....


My Favorite Lounging Shorts auction starts soon

They came from a set of  RED cotton sweat pants, cut off the legs to make comfy shorts. I have had these since the mid 80's they are well worn, very soft with some holes. 

My Birthday auction starts soon

Yes, you read it right. My birthday. The highest bidder gets to assume my identity for the day. You get to be me, dress in what I would wear I will even have my friends address you as Dan. You will attend my (YOUR NEW) birthday party as the guest of honor. Once  in a lifetime chance to be someone else.













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