Fan Mail or hate mail


 Well here they are the good, the bad, the ugly. Love me or hate me, or if your something total of centered... 

Sorry this is a work in progress I have a ton emails I have to go through and post here...

original e-mail Sabrina

How in the world did you ever get those ripples on your butt.....and get to be such a funny guy too!??!?
:o)~ the way...I'll give you your "further your education" dollar next time I see you! 
Dan's comments  A True Fan, does not get better than this
  Big John Stud

HEy Dan,

Are you gay? I like gay prople, if you were gay would Lepracy be a big issue in a mate. PLEASE MAIL ME BACK!!!!!! I AM VERY LONELY
Dan's comments hmmmmmm, there must be a reason for the loneliness....

if i put a website up asking for cash will you be cool about it? i am very hard up and I was thinking about this when I found you online.
Dan's comments go for it! but how about that buck?


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