October, 2006

Myspace invader!

You who know me know my sense of humor. 

You from myspace who are using my images  GIVE ME A DOLLAR. I will make you famous!

June 2006

Things getting BIG. 

Thanks to Jerome who must be great with photoshop!

May 2006

Interesting email received....  And yes I replied. (nothing yet....)

Sarah Mahoney

Dear Dan: Greetings. I am casting for a new prime time TV show. If you are not currently paying rent and living at home - I would love to talk to you. We can get you a job + an apartment. Please contact me if interested,
Best wishes, 



 OCTOBER 2005  - JAN 2006 update to be reposted soon (Server Probs)

BBQ fan base checks in

September 2005   Be my friend! (MY SPACE)

9/1 Popularity is growing. check me out at 

Be my friend!

August 2005   Be my friend!

8/1 Popularity is growing. check me out at 

Be my friend!

 July 2005   The Month in Review

Work calls and I have been on the road for the most of July:

OMG lots of sticker sightings to be posted.

Getting a lot of requests to bring back the web cam Wednesdays but I really don't see it happening.

Thanks Janelle for the care package of mustard packs, Yes I really liked all 50+ of them!

P.S.  I have some mustard if anyone needs it.


 June 2005 "The Press Conference" & "Poem"

Got this in the email yesterday:


If You Give a Dan a Dollar

If you give a Dan a dollar -

He'll probably ask for a Franklin.

And when you give a Dan a Franklin, he'll probably ask for the keys to your car.

And if you give a Dan the keys to your car, he'll probably ask to take you for a ride in your car.

And when you go with a Dan for a ride in your car, he'll probably ask to go to Taco Bell.

And when you give a Dan permission to go to Taco Bell, he'll probably ask for directions. (Wait... nah).

And when you give a Dan directions, he'll probably say "So you go North on South road, right? Man, these streets are *SO* confusing!"

And when you give a Dan a lesson in directions, he'll probably ask for another Benjamin just to make his head stop spinning.

But when you give a Dan another Benjamin, he'll probably ask for Season Tickets to the White Sox, too.

And when you give a Dan Season Tickets to the White Sox, he'll probably ask for another pair of tickets for that special someone.

And when you ask a Dan who that special someone is, he'll probably say "Ohh.. you know."

And when you tell a Dan that you don't know, he'll probably say "DIDN'T YOU READ MY BLOG?! IF I HAD A DOLLAR FOR EVERY TIME SOMEONE DIDN'T READ, I'D BE A GENIUS!"

And if you try and tell a Dan that he's just said something really stupid, he'll probably ask for a dollar to make up for it

***UPDATE 11-09-2005 Received an email from Eric Farrell author of the above poem.

And it was not written for me, but great words just the same.

Check Him out

Éric L Farrell - Winner of Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam!

The Press Conference

I was in AZ this past week on business. While in the airport to catch my flight home I needed to make a pit stop in the men's room. Got a little turned around  and next thing I know I walked in to a Press Conference for an Airport Missile Defense System . I decided I would just make myself at home.

See the Video I shot <HERE>  :)

Q: Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but don't point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?

 May 2005

Many people have been asking why I haven't been updating the journal/news section as much or in great detail.  I have been out of town working, Attempting some funny stuff...

I got an idea while eating breakfast, ( fruit loops and milk ) and  I need your input, so here is  first some background on it..

How many of you have given money to a pan handler, a window washer etc? 

Why were you compelled to give this person anything?

Funny stuff coming. Video soon......

Q: Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out"?

 April  2005  "Buy my underwear?"

This is an actual email conversation that is on going, I swear I can't make this up. I have not edited this AT ALL. names and email changed to protect the perverted...

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Friday, April 22, 2005 3:15 PM
Subject: people that like to help dan

dan i inherited money from my dad would love to help im 47 never had pXXXy and hoping you love it so i might buy your underwear call me if possible freddy 212-xxx-xxxx


-----Original Message-----
From: Dan []
Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2005 1:19 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: people that like to help dan

Glad hear you would like to help! You say you would like to buy my underwear... Well OK. What did you have in mind?



-----Original Message-----
Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2005 1:50 AM
Subject: Re: people that like to help dan

danny ill be honest with you i never go on your site cause i never could see myself donating such a meager amount of money although jewish,im not cheap Im known from cops to construction men never to give less than 100 dollars for uderwear, watchin me strip in my lingerieor getting peed on the fun is watching how much you men can get out of me!



From: Dan []
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 9:59 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: people that like to help dan

so are you offering me $100.00 for my underwear? 



And no he has  yet to buy my underwear... but I am going to sell my socks

check it out here


March 2005 

I want to say thank you to all of you who sent cards & letters regarding the passing of my father.

I am ramping the site back up, more funny stuff coming your way...

Feb 2005 

I lost my Father to cancer.                   "And so to bed."

Happy New year!!!!!! 2005

Your probably wondering what happened to the year 2004 updates..  Well I have some problems with a person who just does not get the whole Give Dan A Dollar thing, and to put it simply this person wrote me a letter ( who actually uses snail mail anymore?) basically stating their "OPINION" on what kind of person would put up a site like this, and how this person would not contribute anything to my cause. etc... Well I guess I stoked this persons fire. I published this persons letter on my site in the fan mail section. One thing led to another, and another and this lead to even more.  I was "advised" not to antagonize this person  and this person would "Cease and Desist"   My advise to all who found my site. Don't take life to serious

I can recap the year 2004 for you with some words and some pictures

The site came to a screaming halt, Those giving Dan A Dollar Didn't.


I got engaged.


I visited NYC again. 

ground_zero.JPG (566146 bytes)


I found out the secret of  why those little Krystal burgers  taste So Good. It's the Grey Goo! I swear it's true. 

It's the grey goo!


Dinosaur Boner: This is actually in the Atrium at the Atlanta Airport


The Pizza (it's amazing what you can sell on Ebay!)

DSCF0406.JPG (918988 bytes) DSCF0407.JPG (900216 bytes) DSCF0408.JPG (919214 bytes)


I got married! Now there is a Mrs. GiveDanADollar


Birthday presents

Happy New year!!!!!! 2004


Thursday, December 24, 2003  Christmas night

Merry Christmas!  I would like to thank the following for their gifts found in my mail box:

Anonymous #1: Thanks for the roll of toilet paper. I will think of you when I use it...

Anonymous from Chandler AZ: Nice Letter! You stated "you wouldn't donate a red cent to a loser like me" Hmmm, postage stamp are not free, the envelope cost you a couple of pennies, and  your time to right a  3 page letter ( I know what my time if worth) looks like you spent a couple of bucks on me. I will be posting your letter on the Fan Mail section soon.

Marcus R:  "I Gave Dan A Dollar" Bumper Sticker  Too cool. make me more please!

Tina:  Buy One Get One Coupon from Subway, Sonic, on Charlie's BBQ. (Have you seen the Pics? I don't miss many meals)

Dan: Picture of your Tattoo: (They make an Enlargement tool for that little thing. Why did you put your name on it? do you really forget who it belongs to? It's Attached . ) Even though we share the same first name, sorry I don't feel the connection....

Shelly from Canada:  Thanks Aye! 

To all the other who donated $$ please follow the entire process so you may add yourself to the donor page.

Tuesday  December 9, 2003

Web Site issues: dynamic updates not working on journal page. I will email update to all who have contacted me.    SORRY I am working get this corrected.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving!  (pass me a drumstick)

Sunday, November 23, 2003

The Public appearance was a bust. OK, Ok you got me. details to come...

Friday, October 31, 2003 Halloween  (MY BIRTHDAY)

I thought I would list some of the thing I have received by snail mail. Not necessarily for my birthday

  • 6 Subway Sub club Cards
  • 1 Canadian Dime
  • Used postcards (looks like Aunt Jeanie must have traveled a great bit after Uncle John passed )
  • 6 #2 pencils
Friday, October 17, 2003

This week....Travel to Philadelphia, PA, side trips to NJ, & Delaware.  I have been quite busy the past few weeks. Sorry for the slow updates.  

I have to admit that when I started this website I NEVER dreamed I would meet so many great people.  I would like to thank Rudy for his on going support! YOU ROCK! Everybody else, Thanks for the kind words and donations!  Be sure to when you make your donations to follow the process to the end so you will be able to leave your mark on the site.

I talked to a cell phone tech support fellow in Australia tonight. He was a hell of a lot better then the tier 1& 2 people in the U.S. Got my problems resolved. THANKS ( I also introduced  Him to the phenomenon. Come on AUSTRALIA SEND ME SOME ....




Wednesday, October 8, 2003

I am in Los Angeles, Ca this week Pan Handling (LOL)  

I got an email from a fan to come to Reno to play in their softball game: 

Daniel would you be interested in coming to Reno for a game on November 23rd? probably fly you out on the anytime on the 22nd. $600 flat rate.


 6 bills for a public appearance!  I love you guys I AM THERE!!!

Details to follow...  Come see me in Reno!

Saturday, September 20, 2003

 Another long week for me. A lot of viewer correspondence this week but donations were only $52.00. ( Thanks to Rudy another $50.00 Donation  Be sure to follow through with the whole donation process so you may be direct to the page where you may add a link or comments

There has been a good deal of correspondence for people wanting to see what I look like. Some have suggested using a web cam. I am working holding a once a week WEB CAM session for those who may be interested. Keep checking back.  

Friday, September 12, 2003

Thanks Alex for your Large donation.

Rudy Thank you AGAIN for your BIG donation  


Thursday, September 11, 2003

[Gordon McCannel Aamoth Jr.] 

We Remember.

Saturday, September 6, 2003

Tons of functionality added! check it out.

Latest Donation from Robert D THANKS!!!!! Hi Mel!

July - August, 2003 

Site Construction continues...

I have received a TON of email & some Donations from my web viewers.

Rudy thanks for the LARGE Donation! and Suggestions for functionality on the site.

Sunday, June29, 2003

Site Construction continues SLOWLY

Friday, June15, 2003

2nd Donation $1.00    Thanks Craig Smoak of Georgia

Friday, June13, 2003

1st Donation $5.00    Thanks Jenny W. of Georgia

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Chat with me via Yahoo messenger Give_Dan_A_Dollar    

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Site Construction progressing

Monday, June 9, 2003

Give Dan A Dollar goes live.

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